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Since 1987, Women’s Center for Health has dedicated itself to providing comprehensive and compassionate women’s health care to women at our offices in Naperville and Plainfield, Illinois. Our board-certified OBGYNs have extensive experience performing a wide array of in office procedures and minimally invasive surgery.

OBGYN Providers

Dr. Olson
Christopher G. Olson, MD, FACOG
Dr Josupait
John Josupait, MD, FACOG
Nadia Komarova NP
Nadia Komarova APRN

Erin Sieber, ARNP

Healthcare couldn’t get any more upside down. Costs spiraling out of control with the doctors and patients bearing the brunt of the abuse. We aren’t represented in the battle for money. It’s become so bad that 83% of all doctors have given up and sold to large health systems or insurance companies. What does that mean for you and me as patients.

  • Loss of access to Doctors and Nurse Practitioners that care
  • Loss of affordable choices
  • Loss of personalized familiar service
  • Loss of what matters

Well the Women’s Center has seen these changes and suffered with you. We too are trying to navigate these murky waters. Our solutions historically were to work harder and run faster which lead to physician burnout and fatigue. The answers were complicated and difficult to see – but found none the less, through a careful analysis of what patients / people want and need. These new solutions rely on some of our old values, which turn out to be the right answers.

Convenient access to your healthcare provider with late hours, weekend hours, same-day appointments. Not cell phone app’s or on-line appointments that restrict choices and give you the allusion of access.

Affordable care – meaning we do procedures in the office avoiding high “facility fee” charges that physicians’ employed by health systems have to use! We carefully choose consultants who also avoid facility fees and inappropriate up charges. Your deductible could be as high as $5,000. Spend it wisely.

Personalized / Familiar service – Epic “my chart” digital communication, primary care coordinated care so that all your healthcare issues are organized in a safe respectfully fashion. Phone calls taken by people trained registered nurses and educated staff to help you with your medical needs, while we share the frustration of our broken healthcare system. Not complicated digital phone trees or answering services in faraway countries.

The highest quality of care – although this is assumed in this country, sadly it isn’t true any more. Not all Ob/Gyn’s are created equally. We were the first to do Laparoscopic Hysterectomies / Robotic cases / Office procedures/ have dedicated Nurse Practitioner hours / University teaching / and much more.


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