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Smart Phone App. to communicate with our patients (Brio Health)

We are working with a new company that will make it easier for us to communicate with our patients. Rather than writing blogs and posting to Facebook hoping you will check in, we now have a smart phone application that will let us notify you of select issues that effect your health.
Simply Text: BRIO to 77948 to download the app.
Enter your doctor’s code during the registration:
Olson: 5610
Anderson: 3708
Josupait: 9741
Rajendran: 2551
Vierling: 3708  » Read more about: Smart Phone App. to communicate with our patients (Brio Health)  »


You almost need a score card to try and follow the changing recommendations for mammograms.  We let’s be clear.  Every year starting at age 40.  We went from screening between 35 – 40 years of age then every other year in your 40’s (every year if you asked the radiologists) and every year after to 50.  Then came the political push – no mammograms until 50.  Then the out cry from nearly every cancer organization and medical association –  » Read more about: Mammograms  »

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Menopause

It seems like Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for the treatment of menopausal symptoms is back in the news – in a good way.  Ever since the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) came out in 2002, patients have been running from this valuable medication.  Ten years since the premature release of their data, we now know that really nothing has changed over the last 55 years.  We have lowered the doses and shortened the duration of treatment but HRT still has more benefits than risks for most women.  » Read more about: Hormone Replacement Therapy in Menopause  »

Patient Feedback

It always nice to get positive feedback from our patients – but when it comes in a formal letter to the hospital it’s even better.  Here is what Lisa Macaione had to say about her experience with Edward Hospital and our group:
Dear Pat Bradley,
I just wanted to recognize some of your outstanding employees in the
obstetrics department at Edward Hospital.  I gave birth to a baby girl
on December 23rd, 2011 and was very impressed with the staff there.  » Read more about: Patient Feedback  »