In-Office Procedures

DySis Colposcope: The Next-Gen Cervical Scan

The Next Generation Colposcope with an Advanced Cervical Scan
DySISmap is an adjunctive technology to assist colposcopy.
The DySIS Colposcope is a high-resolution digital colposcope with an adjunctive map. The DySISmap is generated by a proprietary technology that measures the aceto-whitening reaction and summarises it in the form of an intuitive map. The DySISmap is overlaid on the live image of the cervix to help with the identification of the most relevant biopsy sites.  » Read more about: DySis Colposcope: The Next-Gen Cervical Scan  »

PAP smear and High Risk HPV – Why both? How often?

Recently the American Cancer Society revised their recommendations for the frequency of PAP smears (a test used to screen for cervical cancer). Ever since liquid-based PAP smears were introduced into the market in 2002, the quality has improved. The addition of computer readers and sexually transmitted disease testing off of the same vial of solution have made modern PAP smears an excellent screening tool. We can now look for abnormal cells as well as a test for high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV).  » Read more about: PAP smear and High Risk HPV – Why both? How often?  »


You almost need a score card to try and follow the changing recommendations for mammograms.  We let’s be clear.  Every year starting at age 40.  We went from screening between 35 – 40 years of age then every other year in your 40’s (every year if you asked the radiologists) and every year after to 50.  Then came the political push – no mammograms until 50.  Then the out cry from nearly every cancer organization and medical association –  » Read more about: Mammograms  »