You almost need a score card to try and follow the changing recommendations for mammograms.  We let’s be clear.  Every year starting at age 40.  We went from screening between 35 – 40 years of age then every other year in your 40’s (every year if you asked the radiologists) and every year after to 50.  Then came the political push – no mammograms until 50.  Then the out cry from nearly every cancer organization and medical association – back to the original recommendations to today – every year starting at age 40.  If you detect mass on self breast exam or we find something during your physical exam then things change.  Testing depends on your age and the findings.

Mammograms and self breast exams are a valuable tool to help early detection of breast cancer and saves millions of lives; but done too early they can lead to unnecessary testing and worry.  So ask us the next time your are in the office when your last exam was so we can get you back on the right follow up.

Doc. O