Patient Feedback

It always nice to get positive feedback from our patients – but when it comes in a formal letter to the hospital it’s even better.  Here is what Lisa Macaione had to say about her experience with Edward Hospital and our group:

Dear Pat Bradley,

I just wanted to recognize some of your outstanding employees in the
obstetrics department at Edward Hospital.  I gave birth to a baby girl
on December 23rd, 2011 and was very impressed with the staff there.

First of all, Dr. Christopher Olson could not have been a better doctor
to deliver my child.  His attitude towards letting nature do its work
first was right in line with my husband and my thinking.  Even when my
labor became difficult, he was calm and reassuring, and we trusted him
implicitly.  We credit him with my health and the health of our
daughter.  We will never forget him and will always be thankful.

All of the nurses there that assisted us had nice qualities, but a few
really went above and beyond:

Angie was my nurse during the day that I was induced.  I was distraught
about how unnatural it was to have an induction, and having my water
broken, and eventually having an epidural.  She was understanding and
shared stories with me that made me realize that childbirth is
unpredictable and all that matters in the long run is having a healthy

Kristen was the nurse who delivered our baby.  She was firm and
encouraging, and really helped me to focus during labor.  She seems to
really care about what she does, and that means a lot in that moment!  I
won’t ever forget her, either, for taking such good care of us during
that time.

Marita was one of our first nurses in the Mother & Baby unit.  She was
warm and kind, and guided me during my initial dealings with my new
child. She was like having a loving family member as a nurse.

Peggy was a tech in the Mother & Baby unit who made us feel better as
parents when our baby had to stay in the nursery under the bililight.  I
was so upset, because I had taken the breastfeeding class and was
determined to do everything “right”.  I knew the importance of
rooming-in, and not using pacifiers during the first month, and not
giving a bottle/formula.  All of those things went out the window that
night, and I was so afraid that it would hinder breastfeeding.  But
Peggy was cheerful and attentive to us as parents, and we were able to
finally relax.

Marilyn was our last nurse, on Christmas Day, who was there for us when
we didn’t know if we would be discharged or not.  She let us know
exactly what was happening and why.  She seemed to share out happiness
when we got the call that we would be able to procure a biliblanket on
Christmas and could go home.  She wheeled us out to the car and saw us

I will always praise Edward Hospital for these reasons and more.  We had
our share of experiences, during the holidays no less, and it was often
stressful, but the staff there made it as special as could be.

Thank you for your time.  Please feel free to contact me should you have
any questions, etc.

Lisa Macaione

Thanks Lisa for taking the time to let us know how we are doing!


Doc O